It’s alive!

Who knew the next big thing would be a tiny little studio.

The St. Clair Studio is an award-winning digital studio with clients both big and small.  We combine strategy, user experience and design to help clients think beyond the ordinary like Uncovr.

Music is alive, it’s a living, breathing organism you can feel. It can fill the room a room with romance just as easily as it can slap you out of a funk. It brings back the past and makes us hopeful for the future. 

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Welcome to St. Clair Studio

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Music does so much more than entertain us, it inspires, it comforts, it heals us. Music is alive and we’re ready to Uncover more music ~ are you?  

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Who we are at St. Clair Studio

Peter and Lisa

Founders ~ Designer + Developer


Front End Developer


Designer + Developer

Dare to dream it

so we can build it

“We had an amazing experience with St. Clair Studio – Peter and Lisa have done a wonderful job and the additions of Sahul and Tina have really solidified the business into a world class boutique shop.  This team is small and young but make no mistake, they are experienced beyond their years, knowledgeable in everything digital and hard working. When we need help – this is the team we call each and every time. They make the impossible, possible.” 

Brian and Kristopher Young

Founders ~ Project H20







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